FIG Salvage is an accomplished and well-equipped marine salvor, dedicated to managing and responding to maritime emergencies around the world promptly and in a safe and professional manner.

The division has experience of undertaking salvage operations both individually and in partnership with other salvors, recognising that each situation is different and the specific response and resource requirements vary considerably.

The depth and breadth of these assets helps facilitate rapid reaction across the world, complemented by experienced personnel, both onshore and offshore, including Salvage Masters and Engineers, Naval Architects, Oil Spill Response teams, Salvage Divers and Firefighters.

These capabilities, combined with specialist salvage and oil spill response equipment, strategically located in India to ensure widespread coverage in close proximity to major shipping hubs and routes, as well as oil and gas producing regions. Consequently, FIG Salvage can respond effectively to a myriad of emergency situations and most importantly, deliver a safe and successful service.